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"Customer Profile ID or Customer Payment Profile ID not found" response for valid Ids used

We are getting this response in our production environment when we submit a payment request with proper Customer Profile Id and Customer Payment Profile Id. I can provide these Ids and/or the timestamps of the transactions if you need them. It is the same 2 pairs that generate the error on several subsequent attempts to make a payment.


We checked the report of denied transactions on our Merchant Account portal, but could not see them. Since the Customer Profile Id/Customer Payment Profile Id pair is deemed as invalid, the transaction is not even forwarded to the CC company, so that's why, I assume, the transactions are not listed on the Declined report.


We checked the two Customer Profile Id/Customer Payment Profile Id pairs on our Merchant Account portal and we have the correct Ids.


Any idea what could cause this response from Authorize.Net?







Regular Contributor

Hello Eddie,


Are these newly created customer profiles, and are you attempting to use them immediately after creation?



Administrator Administrator

Hi Richard,


I don't know exactly when would the profiles have been created. It is possible that the first payment attempt may have come shortly after the customer used his/her CC to create a new payment profile. However, we have several payment requests for the same profile that fail with this error.


For example, we got the error on 9/26/2017 at 6:11:26 PM for a valid payment profile and then again at 6:11:49 PM for the same profile. That's 23 seconds later, so I am not sure if it would still fall under "immediately", assuming the payment profile was created shortly before 6:11:26 PM.


For the other pair, we got the error for a payment request at 10:35:45 AM on 9/26/2017 and then again, for the same profile at 11:15:55 AM. There is more than half an hour difference between the two payment requests.


Let me know if I can provide more information. Thanks for your invaluable help and support.




Because this is a production issue, I would recommend contacting customer support to ensure your issue is recorded and resolved.  Be certain to provide the details you mention in your previous comments.  To make it easier, you might start with an eTicket to provide the details and then call to request escalation.



Where do we post/open the eTicket? And can I do it? I am just the developer that was able to record the issue based on the logs from our applications. I do not have the credentials to log into the live Merchant Account web portal.

In that case, you may need to have the merchant contact customer support on your behalf.