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AIM/ARB integration - Address verification


I am using AIM and ARB to integration Authorize.NET into a online shopping software..

I want to implement Address Verification function. Here is my question.


1. I can not seem to find out a paremeter (flag) for Address Verification in the request XML format., how can I set Address Verification on and off programically in request XML?


I know there is a setting on my account, I have done that.

I also see there is a response parameter indicate the Address Verification status.


2. How can I test this Address Verification function with test credit card?


Hope some one can give me some advice or directions


Thanks in advance.



1) I've looked through all the fields, don't see one for turning AVS on or off. Not sure why you'd want to do that anyway? Maybe the devs can suggest something that isn't readily obvious in the documentation, or add a field for doing this if there isn't one.


2) Just use your own credit card in live mode and fail it on purpose. If it goes through, you can always void, and you're out only 25 cents (I think you get charged for the transaction). See the following:


thanks for your reply and your suggestion.


I am developing a module for an online shopping cart. Because some store owner want AFS on, but other store owner don't. So I want to make it configurable for store owner to choose.


I really hope some could give me an solutions on this.




You can configure it, in a setting in the control panel. You aren't going to have multiple companies running off one merchant account, are you? I don't think that's allowed.

Addendum to TJ... if you're planning to take the charges yourself, then cut the store owner a check, it might be allowed, but is really a pretty bad idea. I'd considered something like that several years ago, but then logic struck that I would be the one responsible for any chargebacks, not the store owner.


I can already see it; a store owner sells $50,000 in merchandise, you cut him a check, and a month later you get your first chargeback and the nightmares begin. Man, I shudder to even think about it.

Just to confirm, address verification cannot be enabled or disabled programmatically with any of the APIs.  The best way to test address verification is to use one of our test accounts and the result triggers discussed in the thread found here: