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AIM testing - page not found

Hi, could you help me figure out why this happens please?



It's been AIM integration. I signed up at , received an email with test CC details, followed the usual payment steps on the website (PHP based) and there was 404 error. Let me know if any other details are necessary. Thanks!


If you're using AIM you should never be seeing an Authorize.Net URL in your address bar. If you are then you're not implementing the API correctly. And judging byt he URL I see in your screenshot you're not even using a correct URL at all. How are you attempoting to implement AIM? What code are you using?

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You went here and followed the directions?


All AIM does is call internally. There is no way you should be redirected to an URL in your browser if you are implementing correctly. Are you sure you aren't mixing up AIM with CIM or something?


Integration has been made without SDK, maybe that's the reason. Will try to use SDK now.Thank you.