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Did you mean: Direct post in Magento 1.6.1

I have a problem with direct post in magento 1.6.1 stable.

how can I add AVS Filter fields in the form and manage the response code from website?

the real problem start when we use prepaid debit card.

Please help me.



Your AVS settings are in your control panel. Depending on how you want to manage this, you can set the transactions to decline on certain things, or (if I remember correctly) you can set them to flag, then hopefully get the response codes in the relay response page. No, you can't tell which cards are prepaid debit, and the person could have signed up for them under an alias, so AVS may not be terribly helpful there. You'll just have to deal with it.


I can't find it, would you please tell me the detail in what section ?

I'm thinking this way, if I can verify the billing address, then at least most of the prepaid debit card will be out, at least since most of them didn't have the billing address, or put a kind of term agreement if they cheat then we can process them with law or as fraud?


which one is the better way ?




Log into your control panel, go to Settings -> Security Settings -> Address Verification Service. Should be fairly obvious what to do from there.