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Getting Card Code Response Value

To all,


I am using AIM in a Console Application in C# to learn how Authorize.Net works.  My application works fine.  But one of the response options I need is Card Code Response.  I can use Intellisense to get the response values for ResponseCode, Message, AuthorizationCode and TransactionID.  But there is not an option for Card Code Response.


I have read that it is the 39th field in the response but I don't understand how you can get this list of values to parse from the options I am given from Intellisense.


What value in the IGatewayResponse allows me to parse the string to get the card code response value.


Secondly, I cannot find any information about how the CVV value is set for the options of

            P - Not Processed

            S - Should have been present

            U - Issuer unable to process request.

Currently, the application that I am updating the Authorize.Net does not use the Security code value to process the payment but it needs to be implemented in case the business unit wants to turn it on.  So I have to store the CVV value, but I want the value to be one of the above so no payments are declined.


How are the CVV values set if the security code entered is zeros?


Thanks...I hope my requests make sense :)





Yep.  That did it.  The CCVResponse is now 'P' - Not Processed.


Could you tell me or point me to the document that describes how the options, 'S' - 'Should have been present' and 'U' - 'Issuer unable to process request' are determined?


Thanks alot!



I'm not sure, maybe one of the Mod can answer that.


There another help page on it too

Ultimately the response is generated within the processor, so we really can't tell you the precise criteria that go into returning either of these filters.

I can tell you that, in practice, I've never personally seen either of those options returned. But because they do exist in the card network specs our system must be prepared to handle them.

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