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Marking a CIM transaction as recurring from an external recurring system

I am using CIM and have my own recurring billing system. In addition to the recurring payments, I accept one-time transactions which also creates profile/payment profile in CIM. I am looking for a way to distinguish between the two types of payments, and for it to appear on the Authorize.Net reports. I see a recurringBilling flag when creating the transaction - is my situation the proper use of this flag or is there another way to accomplish this?

Ok, so when processing CIM transactions, best to just leave it set to the default of false, then?

If you are processing a lot of recurring payments it may be worth asking your merchant account provider if they have any recommended best practices to achieve their best rates.  However, you can always safely leave it at the default or false.

If we sign up for a merchant account as well through, aren't you our provider?

Hey TJPride,


No, Authorize.Net is not your merchant account provider. We only provide payment gateway accounts. We refer those who need a merchant account to one of many partners. But that can be a little confusing if you did get your merchant account through CyberSource, which is one of our parent companies. Even if you got your account through them though, we at Authorize.Net have no insight into it. You'd still need to contact CyberSource.


Hope that makes sense!



Developer Community Manager