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Prior_Auth_Capture response says cant be charged with AIM

Hi all,


i am creating a Affiliate Partner Program in that i need to satisfy with 4 cases as AUTHORIZE_CAPTURE, AUTHORIZE_ONLY, PRIOR_AUTHO_CAPTURE AND CAPTURE_ONLY. I have got successful credits in my test account with the Auth_capture and Auth_only methods. But using prior_Autho_capture i am getting error message. i have developed it using DPM that transfers data to SIM_form and processes. 


so can anyone provide help in the later parts including PRIOR_AUTHO_CAPTURE AND CAPTURE_ONLY.


Help from all accepted..


first of all, this should be in the

and not partnet programs.


Anyway. What error are you getting?

Prior_auth_capture required the transaction ID from a authorize_only transaction.

While capture only use the authorization code (the 6 chars) with credit card number and exp date.


here is a list of minimum required fields for each transaction


THanks for the help,


Now i chenged the system from SIM towards AIM method. Let me check with its integration and my need. I will contact you going on.