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ARB Retry Option or Subsequent Subscription

We are using HttpWebRequest post to this “” Schedule  to set ARB and we are using  xml based request to set ARB. ARB is set for every month


1)      Can we set any ARB retry option at the time of setting up ARB. We just want to retry ARB if any failure occurred during the process of subscription [ Eg: We schedule ARB to process on Next month and Authorized execute the subscription on that date and there is no sufficient balance then we need to retry for later time . Is it possible ?. What is usual process for that in that case


2)       Is there any way we can get decline subscription data and retry using programming from our side


3)      Which Api to get details of declined subscription details if not what are other options


1) Not as far as I know. You have to detect a failed transaction and deal with it then, probably via your Silent Post page. The usual method, since there are no saved billing profiles, is to just send yourself and the customer both an email saying the transaction failed for x reason, and here's the URL to log in so they can update their credit card information.


Tricky part - if the subscription fails on the first charge, updating the credit card will start with that charge. If it fails on a subsequent charge, the subscription will skip the failed charge and wait for the next one. So you have to keep track and have them billed for the missed charge via AIM if it's any charge except the first one.


2) Yes, using silent post. Check the x_response_code and x_response_reason_code fields.


3) The Transaction Details API. See the documentation links at the bottom: